Here, in Gallura, in the Straits, is the mistral wind that will play on the final decision of your day whether you decide to spend it on the beach or engage in any activities at sea. The privileged position of the B & B – in the Northern part of the island - offers endless possibilities.
The choice is yours! Between the west and east side, from the white sands of Maiore Beach with giant waves when strong westerly winds are blowing up the sand dunes of the famous island of seagulls, it’s a surfers paradise, all nestled amidst an infinite variety of rocks, sand, empty to crowded beaches, with or without a small bar. If you wish to comfortably reach the south of Corsica and the island of La Magdalena and Caprera, from Santa Teresa and Palau, you can take the ferry. The Esmeralda Coast is not far at all. However, the owners, patrons and local experts will always be happy to provide information and valuable advice thus satisfying your every whim.

Sporting activities
The wind never fails so why not exploit it? Sunbathing alone can be boring!
You can go to Porto Pollo where there’s the Sardinia Sporting Club which is the isthmus that connects the island of Sardinia to Seagull Island, a gym where you can learn to windsurf, kite surf and sail.
Courses tailored for you: alone or in a group, but if you already know how to sail, you can find all the equipment you need to rent.
You definitely liked the place ... your lesson is over, now you can relax. At Rupi's you can chill out with an aperitif prepared just for you, accompanied by tasty appetizers, and if you picked the right night, you may just stick around for the party!
And if Porto Pollo offers a flat sea with a photonic wind, on the other side of Rena Maiore or Cala Pischina, around sunset when it might turn into a nor'easter, are some great spots for surfing. No school here, but you’ll find lots of passionate and experienced surfer. For details, ask Marco (at home).

Sightseeing excursions in the South Corsica and La Maddalena archipelago
Of course you have to spend a day in the most beautiful archipelago of the world and explore the beautiful and unforgettable beaches of the islands of Spargi, Santa Maria, Budelli, Razzoli, Caprera, and Lavezzi in Corsica. Daily from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura, Porto Pozzo, Palau sailing and motor start to achieve these goals. The choice is yours. Caterina and Marco certainly give you good advice.

In mountain bike
The region, and it’s climate, is ideal for mountain biking excursions. Why not pedal to your favorite beach to experience a beautiful sunset? Or organize a trip to the trails of the island of Caprera?
Without wandering very far from the B&B, there’s plenty to discover in the vicinity.
So if you want to rent a two-wheeled vehicle to be more agile, go to Dodo's Rental. He’ll take care of all of your two-wheeled needs!

On foot
I learned to walk when I relocated here. I felt carried away by the ever changing beauty of these places. Never tired but still intrigued by the colors and the light that leads you to the ends of the road.
The walks we have chosen are just a few of the available ones; the ones we consider most interesting and different.

The first and most important excursion that we suggest is at the fold in front, in the heart of Caresi. Mannoni Antonio, from the Pietremagiche Caresi Association for land conservation, organizes excursions inside the sheep pen where you can observe various species of plants and flowers, as well as a millennial olive considered sacred by the locals, and a visit to the magic stones, all while learning of the culture and traditions of rural country life in Gallura.
In the third week of July, in collaboration with the Association Committee of the Agliola Caresi, is a celebration of local traditions including a tasting of local products.

Nature Trail by Rena Maiore Vignola
Following an old cart road that skirts the sea, you can reach the Vignola's tower starting from Rena Maiore . Turning then to Rena Matteu, Cala Pischina and Monti Russu, on that path you can explore the entire coastal edge, including shrubs with dense Mediterranean vegetation, patches of desert and cliffs interspersed with small patches of beaches.
The entire area features a huge variety of ecosystems which host a rich array of plant and animal species, as well as visual images to evoke strong emotions. It is recognized as protected area.

The peninsula of Capo Testa is a few miles from Santa Teresa, a sandy isthmus connects it with two beautiful beaches in Sardinia. You can walk around the entire area , admiring the landscape dominated by granite sculptures carved by the magical hand of the wind and sea. We highly recommend you take the walk leading to the lighthouse, where you can see the Strait of Bonifacio, on a windy day so as to the spectacle of the waves on large rocks.

The Ferrero Marmorata Bunkers
Just to the north end of Sardinia are the Ferrero bunkers, a set of military positions, trenches and locations for artillery barracks used during World War II. It is well worth a visit with its breathtaking scene: directly in front of the Strait of Bonifacio, the islands and Corsica in all its splendor.
From here you can take an unpaved road that leads down to the beach in front of the Marmorata islets, where it is a secluded corner, even in August.

The Tombs of Giants
In the direction of S. Teresa di Gallura (SS), turn left along a road and continue for about 1 km. up to a junction where you turn left again, continue for 4 km. up to a clearing where a road leads to the right marked the tomb, located near Mount Canu.
Probably dating from the Middle Bronze Age (1600-1300 BC), it is the only island that has kept the stone in its original upright position, 2.8 meters high. The tomb has a total width of 2.45 m. around with a rectangular burial chamber of 6.10 m. long by 1 m. in width.
This tomb, like others in Gallura, is often a destination for people who suffer from diseases, seeking the benefit from magnetic fields emanating from these sites. Approximately three hundred yards from the grave, to the left of a country house, is located less than the perimeter wall and entrance gate of the dolmen Luchia, near the remains of a Nuragic village.
This too is a visit to which cannot be missed.

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